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SEMATOS - Linguistic services

At Sematos, translation is more than a profession: it’s our passion.

Located in the heart of Quebec City, Sematos is a multi-talented agency specializing in French and English translation, editing and writing. From the outset, Sematos has been expanding its services, attracting new talent and delivering polished, professional texts.

The name Sematos—from the root of the Ancient Greek word for semantic—reflects our agency’s emphasis on the meaning of words and writings, which we believe is the key to producing superior quality translations.

For its English and French language projects, Sematos employs an in-house team of highly qualified translators and editors who work together in an open-concept collaborative environment. For linguistic services in other languages, Sematos draws on its team of hand-picked freelance translators.

With Sematos as your partner, you can rest assured that your texts will be translated, written or edited by experts for whom language holds no secrets.


Why work with us?

Your communications play an important role in shaping your corporate image. That’s why we always provide high quality texts that are specifically tailored to your audience and objectives.

Our team is here to assist you and to offer you the very best translation, editing and writing services. Moreover, we communicate with you at each step of every project to ensure that the final product fully meets your expectations.

Choosing Sematos for your linguistic needs means choosing quality, efficiency and peace of mind.

Do you have talent? We?d like to get to know you!

Are you a keen wordsmith for whom translating or editing is simply second nature? If so, we’d like to meet you!

We are always looking for new talent to join our in-house or freelance team of translators.

Sematos offers competitive salaries, a group insurance, a flexible work environment that favours collaboration and ongoing guidance to help you improve your skills.

All applicants must pass a translation test to join our team or collective.

Interested? Fill out the form below or send us your cover letter and résumé to carriere@sematos.ca.

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